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Residential Cleaning

Transforming Chaos Into Clean Bliss

Residential Services: About

Subscription Cleaning Service

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned. Prices depend on number of rooms in your home, and we will complete all general cleaning as per our checklists. Please select a “SPRING CLEAN” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.

Please note: An Office, Study, Media, extra Dining or Lounge room will be counted as a bedroom.


1 Bedroom House / Apartment


2 Bedroom House / Apartment


3 Bedroom House


4 Bedroom House


5 Bedroom House


6 Bedroom House

Please note:​

  • Prices above are estimated guide only and is subject to change on inspection of the property.

  • We follow a “Fair Go” policy with all our flat rate services. Click here for more information.

Residential Services: Price List

Our Fair Go Policy

Our fixed rate clean services are results based and are not charged based on time like our hourly service or many other cleaning services. We’ll perform the checklist of tasks for the service you have booked plus any add-ons you have requested until all items have been cleaned to our high standard. We do not set fixed time limits on these services, but we do provide an estimate to your cleaner based on your selection. These are just guidelines – we allow our team work harder and faster, if they’re able to.

On the rare occasions our estimates prove incorrect, our Fair Go policy comes into effect. When cleaning takes longer than our estimate expects, we will clean for up to 1 hour longer than our estimated time, but if a property requires more time to clean to our high standard then extra fees may apply. We’ll always get in touch with you to confirm any extra charges before proceeding.

Residential Services: Terms of Use


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